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At Pleasant Dental Care, we provide you with the latest dental services by the finest general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rakesh Khilwani. We have the latest technology in place and deliver exceptional results which leave the patients thrilled. If your dental defects prevent you from smiling confidently, you no longer need to be self-conscious. Under our expert dentist, you can correct all the imperfections and get the perfect set of teeth that you can flaunt with your charming smile.

What is General dentistry?
This involves the maintenance and restoration of teeth and gums with cleaning and repair treatments so that your teeth remain healthy and function for life. It isimportant to get a dental checkup every six months to keep cavity and decay issues at bay by getting a thorough inspection and cleaning. General dentistry differs from cosmetic in its objective. The purpose of general is just to maintain and is mainly focused on the health aspect while in cosmetic, the focus in on the aesthetics and improvement of the smile overall.

Your general dentist will offer you comprehensive dental services including:

Routine checkups: This involves a visit to the dentist every six months for checkup so that a thorough inspection of teeth and gums can happen and any issue that can lead to tooth decay can be prevented. The dentist also provides a suitable plan for oral care that you should follow.

Cleaning: Your daily cleaning alone is often not sufficient to clean the hard to reach areas in the mouth and as a result plaque may develop and harden over time and if left untreated, can lead to gingivitis or other periodontal disease. Hence, professional cleaning services are available which remove hardened plaque with the right equipment and finish it off with polishing your teeth.

Dental Fillings: If your tooth develops a cavity, which is a permanently damaged area that results in tiny holes, the dentist will clean the area and remove the decay and cover the holes with filling material. This can be amalgam, porcelain, composite etc.

Extraction: Dentist resort to tooth extraction in cases where the tooth is damaged beyond repair or is a deep rooted baby tooth or wisdom tooth that is infected and causing pain.

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